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  • 4000W Electric Chopper Scooter_Fat Tire Electric Scooter_Eahora 4000W Plating M1PS_Red
  • 4000W Electric Chopper Scooter_Fat Tire Electric Scooter_Eahora 4000W Plating M1PS_Red
  • 4000W Electric Chopper Scooter_Fat Tire Electric Scooter_Eahora 4000W Plating M1PS_Red
  • 4000W Electric Chopper Scooter_Fat Tire Electric Scooter_Eahora 4000W Plating M1PS_Red
  • 4000W Electric Chopper Scooter_Fat Tire Electric Scooter_Eahora 4000W Plating M1PS_3D_Red

Eahora Chrome 4000W M1PS - Red

In stock now, ships within 1-2 Days.

ABOUT Plating M1PS

Chrome M1PS is the perfect combination of sleek design and raw power. Its electroplated frame makes it waterproof, rust proof and undeniably eye catching, while its 4000W motor combined with Samsung battery technology powers you across any terrain at lightning speed – from smooth acceleration to adjustable settings that guarantee impressive results each time.


Delivered with 85% assembled:
Scooter & Battery;
Original charger & Fast charging cable;
Handlebar & Handlebar mount clamp;
Pedals & Extension bracket;
Front tire & Front fenders;
Display & Phone holder & Rearview mirror ;
Product manual & Toolkit & Remote control & Key.

Assembly Video


All Eahora scooter comes with VIN, MCO, and Bill of sale

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Average 5~7 days delivery

1-Year Warranty

Technical support with high-quality standard

Quick Response

Respond within 24 hours

  • What Sets it Apart?


    The unique and intricate process ensures the highest quality finish to keep the scooter protected and looking its best, resulting in a product that is both visually striking and incredibly durable.

    Performance: Waterproof and rust-proof

  • What Sets it Apart?


    The build-in high-performance motor with 4000W accelerates M1PS scooter to the top of 178NM, providing an effortless experience on fast climbing or rough road. Enjoy speed, enjoy passion, enjoy fun!

    Torque: 178N.m

    Gradeability: 30°

  • What Sets it Apart?


    Equipped with a gigantic lithium battery, the M1PS gives you a range of 75 miles. The removable battery allows you to charge anytime when you have access to a power outlet. Extended range and easily charge enables you travel with peace of mind on long trips.

    Range: 65 - 75 miles (Level 1)

    Parameter: 72V 40Ah

  • Frame
  • Motor
  • Battery

Size and Geometry

Recommended Rider Height: 5'1" - 6'6" or 155CM - 200CM

Ⓐ - Total Length: 83.46'' or 212CM

Ⓑ - Handlebar Height: 43.30'' or 110CM

Ⓒ - Seat Height: 25.59'' or 65CM

Ⓓ - Ground Clearance: 5.31'' or 13.5CM

Ⓔ - Wheelbase: 59.8'' or 152CM

Ⓕ - Scooter Width: 33.46'' or 85CM

Ⓖ - Rake: 40°

Technical Specifications

To ensure uninterrupted suppluying and shipping, some parts may differ from those listed. Rest assured, our engineers rigorously test each component to guarantee quality and compatibility.

Charging Time

3 ~ 4 hours

Range per Charge

65 - 75 miles (Level 1)

Scooter Weight

187.4 lbs in total with the battery.

Payload Capacity

Recommend rider weight within 440 lbs.



4000W brushless DC geared motor(Brand: QS Motor) with 178 NM max torque


72V 40AH SAMSUNG lithium battery with BMS (2.88 KWH)


72V ~ 13A fast charger (Charging time: 3-4 Hours), with anti-overcharging feature


IP6 color LCD display(showing MPH) with speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, throttle gear and more


72V 70A integrated controller with P gear (Brand: YQ Controller)


12V LED Headlight
Front: high low beam with turn signal light
Rear: integrated taillight with brake light, turn signal light and license plate light


Kickstand with electirc cut-off


Waterproof Integrated Harness

Waterproof Rates

IP66 Waterproof, including motor battery and wiring.



Seamless steel tube


Hydraulic disc brakes with DOT 3 braking fluid (Brake rotor size: F 318 MM / R 318 MM)

Hub Wheel

Aluminum 12IN Rims(Width: F 10.8IN / R 10.8IIN )


With an average lifespan of 6200 miles, TNT Straight grain vacuum tubeless tires (F: 120/40-12 ; R: 215/40-12)


Hydraulic shock suspension(Length: 28.1IN )

Rear Suspension

Hydraulic adjustable double suspension


Ape hanger handlebars


Comfort rubber ergo grips


Foldable foot


Straight grain synthetic leather seat(Size: 18.1*12.6IN )

  • How to register scooter?

    • Over 20 states have successfully registered scooters for street legal riding.
    • All models can be tracked down on DOT official site by querying unique frame code.
    • Every scooter comes with Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin. Provide MCO to DMV when you register.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Colin Chad Gill
M1PS Chrome

The M1PS is an impressive bike. What is special about this bike is the customer service. I was nervous about not having support in country if there were issues. When I got my bike there were some small issues because of the shipping company. Eahora Customer service was very responsive to my issues. They sent out new parts and because of how this bike is built I was able to repair and replace the broken items. Eahora Customer Service ranks with the in the top 3 of manufactures in my book for taking care of the buyer after sale needs. Thank You Eahora for all your help

Gagandeep Sangha
M1P is great, M1PS we will see!

So I spent weeks scrounging up money for this beast, I'm planning on creating videos about both M1P and M1PS models because this technology and style, ride quality are amazing. I'm just heartbroken because one my big boy arrived, the 4000w? It wasn't working. I have spent money for labor on specialists to look at it, now to return it I need to find boxing for it. Given it was my mistake for throwing the boxing away, but I thought just the fender was cracked nothing more because the M1P is so well built it hasn't given me any issues. I think as a constructive criticism Eahora should offer customers a option for special and safe delivery. I'm now struggling to convince my wife not to refund our money and work out a replacement bike. Eahora has a great customer service, but issues like this make the buying experience very scary. Alot of us enthusiasts can't afford your prices but break rules to buy it because it's a BEAUTIFUL product. I want to promote it and help this company grow everywhere I ride. But I haven't been able to ride the new one yet, and now I'm trying to find a box big enough to fit it so I can get it sent back for another one. It's heartbreaking. It makes sense because people suck and don't return stuff like they should, but I don't have use for a bike that doesn't work. The amount of money as a customer I've spent, I should be honored with a new bike and a free delivery and boxing service. But instead to get a new bike I'm having to pay more money I can't afford to out of pocket to make sure Eahora gets the faulty bike back and I can get what I paid for. (Order1833) I love you EAHORA! HELP A BROTHER OUT. Thanks again for doing what you do, I am still a fan. Just really sad and stressed out as a high paying customer. Best of luck! Can't wait to see more beautiful bikes to purchase down the line, hopefully delivery services improve by then.

Kaye Palmer
Eahora Plating M1PS - Red

This scooter is a lot prettier than I expected ! ! Don’t get it twisted; it’s no toy. It’s beautiful, sturdy, strong, well equipped, & dependable. Out on the street it is a real head turner ! The Eahora company was great & guiding me all the way through the purchase & delivery process. They even went the extra mile to meet my special request for a particular seat. Thank you so much Eahora ! ! !