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2 generations of my family LOVE this e-bike! It's my favorite ride EVER! With 4,000 watts of power, a 72 Volt battery, 2 key fobs, an alarm system, a kill-switch kickstand system, and SO MUCH STYLE, the Eahora M1PS is my go-to vehicle if I need to run a quick errand. In this video, my nephew Will and I will show you all of the Eahora M1PS features and try our best to describe what it's like to have all that power and all that fun on 2 wheels!

Why This $5,000 E-Bike Will Make You The Coolest Guy On The Block!

Eahora M1PS Review!!

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The COOLEST electric motorcycle just got cooler! Eahora M1PS & Sidecar


This Electric Motorcycle is Fast!

This Electric Motorcycle is Fast!

Eahora Knight M1PS

Eahora Knight M1PS Testing

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I pushed this bike to its limits | Eahora Knight M1PS Testing

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"The actual speed, the actual power and the torque exceeded my expectations, it was fantastic"

Electric Chopper 1st Ride and Dyno Run! Eahora M1PS

Eahora M1PS

My 4,000 Watt, 55 MPH Eahora Knight M1PS Unboxing And Assembly Video!

@Monkey Wrench Mike

This is the fastest, most impressive electric scooter I have ever ridden! The Eahora Knight M1PS has 4,000 watts of power, a 72 Volt battery, 2 key fobs, an alarm system, a kill-switch kickstand system, and SO MUCH STYLE!!

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“around it cuz this is a this is a beast”
“because it is one and it actually can be registered as a motorcycle so this might seem a little bit strange but I think if you are used to electric bikes and you're looking for something a little faster this might be worth taking a look”

Unboxing the Eahora M1PS

I Survived LA on my Chinese Electric Motorcycle - Eahora

M1PS Range Test

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"one of my favorite things about this is just how quiet it is you can like roll in complete silence"

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The Eahora Knight M1PS motorcycle style electric scooter is a ton of fun, it's got a sporty acceleration, a top speed exceeding 50 mph, a huge 40 ah battery and a sporty look.

Knight M1PS





*Teaching my wife how to ride Eahora MOTORCYCLE*

Eahora M1PS

Eahora Knight M1PS Review

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”compar to my siron I actually think this makes more sense for street riding like just like the riding position of it is more comfortable and like the tires are like meant for the street and like it's quiet um you know for street street riding like City riding“

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Enjoy my Full Review of the EAHORA M1P Electric Chopper Harley Style 40mph Scooter!

Eahora M1PS

Eahora M1P Electric Scooter Review

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This is way too cool and pretty dang fast at 37 mph!
I've got everything you need to know about it in the review with a speed, acceleration, range, hill and brake test.

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Enjoy my Full Review of the EAHORA M1P Electric Chopper Harley Style 40mph Scooter!

EAHORA M1P Chopper Review

Unboxing and Riding My Street Legal Eahora Bike!


For less the $3000 shipped to your door step I wasn't sure how much wow the Eahora M1P electric scooter could give me but the fact you could make it street legal and it looks like a freakin mini chooper bike made me want to try it out! With a top speed of 40 mph and getting attention of all kinds everywhere I go it has been an awesome ride so far on the 70 miles I've covered! What do you guys think of it?

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If you are considering buying a Eahora M1P eScooter, this video will show you what the Eahora Emars M1P scooter is all about. It's a big, beefy bike with plenty of power for a heavy middle aged dude like me. And it really goes when my lightweight 16 year old son hops on it! It is fun to ride but definitely not for everyone. See if the Eahora M1P is the right eBike for you!

Eahora Emars M1P - E-Bike Looks Like A Harley Chopper!

Eahora Emars M1P Chopper

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Eahora M1P Electric scooter (motorcycle) test riding around the suburbs and then downtown. We test out all the functions and top speed on this escooter.
The chopper has a 2000w brushless motor, 60v battery, LED lights, dual LCD displays, full suspension and disk brakes. Also has a range of 45 miles and a max speed of 37 mph.


Today in this video I will give you final thoughts about the Eahora Emars M1P, after 2 months of use. This scooter has the most amazing features you can think of. To learn more please watch the video.

Eahora Emars M1P - After 2 Months!

This Electric Chopper BLOWS Peoples Minds!

Eahora M1P


This video shows the capabilities of this chopper, and even things it isn't designed to do. Overall the Poe rating is 10/10. This thing is worth its value without question!


Is it a motorcycle? Is it a Scooter? Today we check out the Eahora M1P Electric Scooter that looks and feels like a REAL motorcycle! This scooter can go 37 mph+

The Electric Motorcycle Chooper / Scooter You Need



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They are pretty awosome and pretty decent.

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I'm not sure what to call this... a scooter, an electric motorcycle a motorcycle style scooter.. whatever it is, it's pretty awesome and fast with a top speed rating of over 50 mph!

Eahora Knight M1PS Electric Scooter - UNBOX