Normally, scooter will be shipped within 2 days, excluding weekends. The delivery time is about 7~12 days.

But please remember that we rely on third-party couriers, so the delivery date/time is not within our control.

Delivered by trucking. It usually takes 2 days to reserve a truck.

Currently, we only ship to the lower 48 states.


The city Mileage of Eahora Electric Scooter M1P and M8 are 35mile at least.

2000W scooter M8 and M1P are capable of 37MPH.

3000W scooter M2 can reach 45MPH.


Our charges are rated 110V - 240V so they work everywhere. We make an effort to ship every scooter with the correct plug for the country it gets delivered to.

All our scooters are covered by a comprehensive warranty. You just need to email us in case you have any problem and we will take care of it.

Eahora scooters are 85% assembled.
Assembly is not complicated, just need to install the front wheel and handlebars.


We don't recommend operating the scooter in the rain for safety reasons. Your vision is worse, roads are slippery, and it takes longer to stop. It is generally not a good idea to scooter in the rain. However, if you got caught up in the rain on your way home, the e-scooter is water-resist and will still function well. Just remember to wipe the water away and keep it dry once you are indoors to ensure adequate product life. Moisture doesn't mix well with electronics and batteries.

You can keep your scooter sparkly clean! We recommend using a damp cloth to wipe down your product, we’ve found that using a dry scrub brush gets the job done nicely. Do not immerse or soak in water. Products are not water proof just water resistant.