• @Juiced Joyrides

    "one of my favorite things about this is just how quiet it is you can like roll in complete silence"

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  • @Area 13

    "The actual speed, the actual power and the torque exceeded my expectations, it was fantastic"

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  • @Area 13

    “around it cuz this is a this is a beast”
    “because it is one and it actually can be registered as a motorcycle so this might seem a little bit strange but I think if you are used to electric bikes and you're looking for something a little faster this might be worth taking a look”

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  • @Juiced Joyrides

    ”compar to my siron I actually think this makes more sense for street riding like just like the riding position of it is more comfortable and like the tires are like meant for the street and like it's quiet um you know for street street riding like City riding“

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  • @Electric Revolution

    I'm not sure what to call this... a scooter, an electric motorcycle a motorcycle style scooter.. whatever it is, it's pretty awesome and fast with a top speed rating of over 50 mph!

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  • @Electric Revolution

    The Eahora Knight M1PS motorcycle style electric scooter is a ton of fun, it's got a sporty acceleration, a top speed exceeding 50 mph, a huge 40 ah battery and a sporty look.

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  • @imKay


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  • @TheCampisis

    *Teaching my wife how to ride Eahora MOTORCYCLE*

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  • @Dankwheelie

    For less the $3000 shipped to your door step I wasn't sure how much wow the Eahora M1P electric scooter could give me but the fact you could make it street legal and it looks like a freakin mini chooper bike made me want to try it out! With a top speed of 40 mph and getting attention of all kinds everywhere I go it has been an awesome ride so far on the 70 miles I've covered! What do you guys think of it?

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  • @G Bear

    Enjoy my Full Review of the EAHORA M1P Electric Chopper Harley Style 40mph Scooter!

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  • @Electric Revolution

    This is way too cool and pretty dang fast at 37 mph!
    I've got everything you need to know about it in the review with a speed, acceleration, range, hill and brake test.

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  • @Dustin Dunnill

    Enjoy my Full Review of the EAHORA M1P Electric Chopper Harley Style 40mph Scooter!

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  • @Ready Set Drone

    If you are considering buying a Eahora M1P eScooter, this video will show you what the Eahora Emars M1P scooter is all about. It's a big, beefy bike with plenty of power for a heavy middle aged dude like me. And it really goes when my lightweight 16 year old son hops on it! It is fun to ride but definitely not for everyone. See if the Eahora M1P is the right eBike for you!

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  • @Hillendale Bros

    ahora M1P Electric scooter (motorcycle) test riding around the suburbs and then downtown. We test out all the functions and top speed on this escooter.
    The chopper has a 2000w brushless motor, 60v battery, LED lights, dual LCD displays, full suspension and disk brakes. Also has a range of 45 miles and a max speed of 37 mph.

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  • @MJTech

    Today in this video I will give you final thoughts about the Eahora Emars M1P, after 2 months of use. This scooter has the most amazing features you can think of. To learn more please watch the video.

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  • @PoeBoys

    This video shows the capabilities of this chopper, and even things it isn't designed to do. Overall the Poe rating is 10/10. This thing is worth its value without question!

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  • @KhanFlicks

    Is it a motorcycle? Is it a Scooter? Today we check out the Eahora M1P Electric Scooter that looks and feels like a REAL motorcycle! This scooter can go 37 mph+

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  • @Mark Chance

    They are pretty awosome and pretty decent.

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Based on 316 reviews
The sound of power

I love them... Yes they are loud and have the flames. I am not sure why they are connected to the throttle as they don't make any sounds except the music from my BT connection in my phone.

The chopper looks complete with the saddle bags and the speakers.

Eahora Emars M1P
Robert Hall
Great Looking Chopper Scooter

I am very happy with my M1P - Plus Chopper Scooter. Everything on the bike is operating properly except for the horn. Still haven't figured out if the horn
(if there is one on the bike) is broke or it is not wired right or connected. Not a big deal, but I think it is a requirement to have a working horn according to state law. I'll eventually figure it out.
Eahora customer service has been very responsive to all my questions and issues. They had to re-issue another Certificate of Origin, due to the one received (with the scooter), was missing some information. I am now tagged and registered to ride on the road. I have about 14 miles on the bike, just riding the back roads to get a feel for the bike. The bike rides exceptionally smooth and the braking is excellent.
I got a great deal on the hard saddlebags during the Black Friday sale so they are installed on the bike. Also during the Black Friday event, I got a free set of blue-tooth speakers with the purchase of the bike. Since I had the saddlebags already mounted, I had to reposition the speakers down under the bags. The speakers look exceptionally cool on the bike in that position. From the rear, they look like drag pipes on the chopper.
In all, I am very satisfied with my purchase and the customer service I have received. Just exercise some patience in dealing with Eahora and you will end up a happy customer like me.

An awesome bike

I always dream of a chopper! I am a new rider and this chopper is perfect. I think this company will go far.

I am so happy about the purchase. I highly recommend it.


I luv the bike. Looks cool and plenty of power. Very smooth ride. Charging is fairly fast about 3 hours from close to empty to full charge. Highly recommended!!!!

Javier Salamanca

I recently bought an Eahora Scooter and was needing some replacement parts, So I reached out to Eahora and they were very happy to help me out with all the replacement parts I needed. I am very happy and grateful for their services. Thank You Eahora

Bluetooth Speaker
Josue Felix



Zero instructions on how to install so you better be good with your hands. Pretty cool once you figure it out. Motorcycle noise sounds more like a lawn mower but still plays music well and nic light effect. 👌

Great scooter overall with a few flaws

Overall the scooter is pretty solid and an amazing ride. My only complaints are about the battery cover, if youre going through a reasonably bumpy road the cover will come off even with the strap, making you stop to adjust it unless you arrange something to hold it in place. My turning lights did come with a problem, but the support was quick and they already sent a replacement. The brakes are solid and reliable, steering takes a while to get used to but nothing too hard. The speakers were relatively easy to install, and the motor sounds are good. It is pretty fast, with the top i've reached being about 34 or 37 downhill.

The Knight M1PS's performance exceeded my expectations; Do not think twice. Just go for it!

I've been yearning for a scooter for breezy rides during my summer holidays along the Jersey shore. The hour-long ordeal of maneuvering cars and hunting for parking near the beach can test anyone's patience. Most folks facing this predicament resort to a Vespa, but it didn't have that unique cool factor I was after. When I saw this scooter online, it seemed too good to be true. But wow, this thing is beyond cool. I got my Knight M1PS last week, and I must say my wife and I are having a blast. Riding it gives me a sense of freedom words can't quite capture. It's not only a head-turner; the quality is also absolutely top-notch. People ask about it everywhere I go.

The Knight M1PS's performance exceeded my expectations - its speed, handling, and battery life are even better than advertised. The customer service was warm and responsive, and shipping was prompt.
Do not think twice. Just go for it!


This is my 3rd bike from Eahora and it is by far the best! The quality & performance of this bike are OUTSTANDING! Surprisingly, the M1PS is slightly smaller than the M1, but it feels more planted and sturdy! Acceleration will sit you back in your seat, and the climbing power is awesome! Not to mention it is an absolute head turning conversation starter! I am constantly stopped or approached by people who all walks of life who just want to know "WHAT IS THAT AND WHERE CAN I GET ONE?" I added some bat wing side view mirrors to complete the "look"! I have only had this bike for a week and have already put over 150 miles on it! Battery life is so much better than the than M1. I ride on the highest speed setting and it still gets me all around town for at least 2 days without having to charge it. If you ride during the day you can turn the headlight off and conserve battery power. I usually keep the daytime running led on just to add visibility for drivers around me. I am in the process of registering it with the California DMV, just waiting on my completed title from Eahora. (The first title was missing a required stamp) In California this bike is considered a Motorcycle if you want to register it. However, if you are okay with staying in bike lanes and residential streets, it is completely street legal as is! This was verified by a Police Officer who pulled me over mistakenly thinking it was a traditional chopper with no license plate. After finding out it was indeed a scooter he proceeded to break down the law for me....he also said he's "Buying One". The price tag is a little hefty, but if you can afford it GET ONE! You will NOT be disappointed.

M1P is great, M1PS we will see!

So I spent weeks scrounging up money for this beast, I'm planning on creating videos about both M1P and M1PS models because this technology and style, ride quality are amazing. I'm just heartbroken because one my big boy arrived, the 4000w? It wasn't working. I have spent money for labor on specialists to look at it, now to return it I need to find boxing for it. Given it was my mistake for throwing the boxing away, but I thought just the fender was cracked nothing more because the M1P is so well built it hasn't given me any issues. I think as a constructive criticism Eahora should offer customers a option for special and safe delivery. I'm now struggling to convince my wife not to refund our money and work out a replacement bike. Eahora has a great customer service, but issues like this make the buying experience very scary. Alot of us enthusiasts can't afford your prices but break rules to buy it because it's a BEAUTIFUL product. I want to promote it and help this company grow everywhere I ride. But I haven't been able to ride the new one yet, and now I'm trying to find a box big enough to fit it so I can get it sent back for another one. It's heartbreaking. It makes sense because people suck and don't return stuff like they should, but I don't have use for a bike that doesn't work. The amount of money as a customer I've spent, I should be honored with a new bike and a free delivery and boxing service. But instead to get a new bike I'm having to pay more money I can't afford to out of pocket to make sure Eahora gets the faulty bike back and I can get what I paid for. (Order1833) I love you EAHORA! HELP A BROTHER OUT. Thanks again for doing what you do, I am still a fan. Just really sad and stressed out as a high paying customer. Best of luck! Can't wait to see more beautiful bikes to purchase down the line, hopefully delivery services improve by then.

Eahora Plating M1PS - Red

This scooter is a lot prettier than I expected ! ! Don’t get it twisted; it’s no toy. It’s beautiful, sturdy, strong, well equipped, & dependable. Out on the street it is a real head turner ! The Eahora company was great & guiding me all the way through the purchase & delivery process. They even went the extra mile to meet my special request for a particular seat. Thank you so much Eahora ! ! !

Eahora Etwister M2
Good bike

Good bike for commuters. I have the hard saddle bags on it, you just have to be careful not to lean too much. I’m in the process of raising the bags up an inch or two, that will help when I lean the scooter.
It’s a great bike well worth the money!!

Eahora Etwister M2
M2 eTwister 3000w

My M2 arrived last year without the certiicate of origin and the rear fender was cracked in its trip halfway around the world.
Eahora fixed these issues by shipping the following to me AT NO COST:
Certificate of origin
Brown leather seat
Replacement black rear fender
A set of custom requested white fenders
Now, recently my battery fuse came lose and I asked if I could buy a spare fuse just in case this one blew.
They sent me 2 right away for free.
The eTwister is super fun, sturdy, and quick at a max speed of 46mph.
Eahora 's customer service is excellent.

I wish they started selling the Doohan iTank! Who knows what the future holds? When they get in a 6000w or 7000w reverse trike. I will buy from them again.

Scoot and Boogie

Well I have waited to give this review till I had some time on scooter, and could give honest review. From Start Eahora has been a great company. All shipping info was given and delivery was on time less than 7 days delivered. I think more care could be made in shipping. I was lucky ony 2 turn signals were bent and broke in shipping. Box was shipped laying down and it is not packaged for this. Needs to be kept upright. Assemble was easy video shows complete assy less than a hour. Release brake lever tie and front wheel will assemble easy. The overall quality is very nice and the color Electric Orange get a lot of compliments. Eahora definitely took fat tire scooters to a new level. Customer support was a little slow at first but finished strong so far. They shipped me new turn signals for broken and my MCO was not in box and they sent it to me asap. This took about 2 weeks for every thing but they took care of it all. Now for the scooter all I can say is hold on you are about to have some fun! I have put on just over a 100 miles on my M2 and it has not disappointed. The ride is comfortable and smooth. It is very well balanced and has plenty of power. I am 6ft and 235# it took time to get used to bike but have had a top speed of 44mph. It cruises comfortable from 25-35mph. I got 47 miles on the first charge and used it for a variety of speeds. It recharges in around the 6 hour mark. Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I am looking forward to using in the future as we travel . Thanks Eahora for a great scooter

My Eahora 2 seater is the Cat’s Meow

I absolutely love my Eahora M1 two-seater. The acceleration is quick and the ride is smooth. I have had a lot of compliments, plenty of looks, and a neighbor that’s going to buy one … it is worth every penny… if not more.
The service I have received has been more than fantastic and I want to call out Lisa for she responds as fast as the bike accelerates. The quality is spot on.
Ken Freeh from Merryland
Date of experience: May 06, 2023

Eahora Emars M1P
Ronny Midence-Allen
Ride once and you'll never get off

Truly happy I love bike it's so beyond cool I been truly happy with bike so much so I can see myself getting Harley but for now I have my baby Harley


I recently bought this bike yesterday and might I say this has gotta be the most powerful electric scooter I've rode! I've seen many videos and reviews on it and I definitely needed to get this myself, and I'm a huge fan of Harley motorcycles and I just don't have enough money in my pockets too afford one! I put some saddle bags and a bag in front to give it more of that feel of a Harley, first time I rode it I've gotten so many compliments and looks! it's a great bike 10/10 would definitely recommend for short distance travel!

Great looking and nice ride

I got M1 Two seater on Nov. 2022. It looks awesome and rides great. It came half assembled, so it is easy to set up and go. I liked to take my girls for a fun ride to the beaches or drop them to the soccer games. My daughters love to ride with me - a lot of fun.

M1 - Two seater

Received my M1 - Two seater on Oct 18th. Setup was easy as the bike come pre assembled except for the front wheel, front fender, seat, back seat/rest, foot rest and handle bar. There are so many helpful videos out there on how to build it, probably took me 3 hours spread over a couple days. I swapped out the seat as i really liked the pattern seats and am waiting on Black fenders that i ordered. I absolutely love this eBike, zipping around town, dropped kids to soccer, doing chores on it. Powerful bike. I'm a 6.1 170 pound male, incredible comfortable ride. Back rest for second seat is safe for my kids.

Eahora Thunder M11
Scott E. Morris

This is the second scooter I've owned and my first electric vehicle. Charging is quick and easy from a standard home outlet and the battery range is impressive. It's strange flying down the street and all you hear is the wind and road/tire noise. The color display instrumentation is high quality and I appreciate the anti-theft alarm and locking storage tank. I love the streetfighter motorcycle styling. The M11 handles great and changing gears is effortless. The split seat is comfortable and I have assuring stopping power from the dual hydraulic brakes. Eahora customer service is very responsive and they were helpful with my registration/ title. A fast, fun bike! YouTube video placeholder
The most fun you can have on two wheels

Awesome fun for the entire family

Amazing 2-wheel experience

What an amazing little electric Chopper is what so many folks around town have been saying to me, and i love telling everyone i meet about Eahora scooters. Every day life is much more exciting with the feel of a smooth cruise and plenty of range for an awesome time.

Christopher Brown
Big Improvement

I am 6'0" tall and getting the Footrest Extensions along with new Footrest was a huge improvement for me. I also got a set of Footrest Extensions for two of my buddies and they are about 2" shorter than I and the love them also. Thank you guys very much for taking care of me in the best way possible.

Powerful and beautiful

After one week of testing, the Eahora Emars M1P electric scooter is definitely a beautiful powerful bike. The M1P has the looks of the classic Harley chopper with monkey bars. There are so many nice colors to choose from, it was difficult to make a decision. But in the end I went for the popular '69 captain America Easy Rider version. This is my second electric bike/motorcycle. The first one was a top of line version "Vespa lookalike" back in 2013 when electric bikes were rare and it even have 4 very heavy acid batteries. There is one minor glitch I have on the M1P is the monkey bar steering mount clamps, it tends to move up or down. The teeth in the clamps should have been designed better. I did not want to over tighten and strip the bolts. I had to add some internal plastic to hold down the mounts on the steering tighter. Another is the height, the rear and front wheel could have been a bit much larger if the idea is to look more like an adult motorcycle than a kids bike. Some people did commented that it looked like a kids bicycle. In comparison, that 2013 electric bike does have the same dimensions as an adult Vespa motorcycle, the only difference are front lights. But there are probably many reasons for this M1P design, cost is one. Otherwise every parts on the bike looks high quality including the remote and ignition keys. The modern lithium battery and motor gives it a big boost in power, it is fast enough commuting in country roads. Definitely recommended for the price and power.