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I recently bought this bike yesterday and might I say this has gotta be the most powerful electric scooter I've rode! I've seen many videos and reviews on it and I definitely needed to get this myself, and I'm a huge fan of Harley motorcycles and I just don't have enough money in my pockets too afford one! I put some saddle bags and a bag in front to give it more of that feel of a Harley, first time I rode it I've gotten so many compliments and looks! it's a great bike 10/10 would definitely recommend for short distance travel!

Great looking and nice ride

I got M1 Two seater on Nov. 2022. It looks awesome and rides great. It came half assembled, so it is easy to set up and go. I liked to take my girls for a fun ride to the beaches or drop them to the soccer games. My daughters love to ride with me - a lot of fun.

M1 - Two seater

Received my M1 - Two seater on Oct 18th. Setup was easy as the bike come pre assembled except for the front wheel, front fender, seat, back seat/rest, foot rest and handle bar. There are so many helpful videos out there on how to build it, probably took me 3 hours spread over a couple days. I swapped out the seat as i really liked the pattern seats and am waiting on Black fenders that i ordered. I absolutely love this eBike, zipping around town, dropped kids to soccer, doing chores on it. Powerful bike. I'm a 6.1 170 pound male, incredible comfortable ride. Back rest for second seat is safe for my kids.

Eahora Thunder M11
Scott E. Morris

This is the second scooter I've owned and my first electric vehicle. Charging is quick and easy from a standard home outlet and the battery range is impressive. It's strange flying down the street and all you hear is the wind and road/tire noise. The color display instrumentation is high quality and I appreciate the anti-theft alarm and locking storage tank. I love the streetfighter motorcycle styling. The M11 handles great and changing gears is effortless. The split seat is comfortable and I have assuring stopping power from the dual hydraulic brakes. Eahora customer service is very responsive and they were helpful with my registration/ title. A fast, fun bike! YouTube video placeholder
The most fun you can have on two wheels

Awesome fun for the entire family

Amazing 2-wheel experience

What an amazing little electric Chopper is what so many folks around town have been saying to me, and i love telling everyone i meet about Eahora scooters. Every day life is much more exciting with the feel of a smooth cruise and plenty of range for an awesome time.

Christopher Brown
Big Improvement

I am 6'0" tall and getting the Footrest Extensions along with new Footrest was a huge improvement for me. I also got a set of Footrest Extensions for two of my buddies and they are about 2" shorter than I and the love them also. Thank you guys very much for taking care of me in the best way possible.

Powerful and beautiful

After one week of testing, the Eahora Emars M1P electric scooter is definitely a beautiful powerful bike. The M1P has the looks of the classic Harley chopper with monkey bars. There are so many nice colors to choose from, it was difficult to make a decision. But in the end I went for the popular '69 captain America Easy Rider version. This is my second electric bike/motorcycle. The first one was a top of line version "Vespa lookalike" back in 2013 when electric bikes were rare and it even have 4 very heavy acid batteries. There is one minor glitch I have on the M1P is the monkey bar steering mount clamps, it tends to move up or down. The teeth in the clamps should have been designed better. I did not want to over tighten and strip the bolts. I had to add some internal plastic to hold down the mounts on the steering tighter. Another is the height, the rear and front wheel could have been a bit much larger if the idea is to look more like an adult motorcycle than a kids bike. Some people did commented that it looked like a kids bicycle. In comparison, that 2013 electric bike does have the same dimensions as an adult Vespa motorcycle, the only difference are front lights. But there are probably many reasons for this M1P design, cost is one. Otherwise every parts on the bike looks high quality including the remote and ignition keys. The modern lithium battery and motor gives it a big boost in power, it is fast enough commuting in country roads. Definitely recommended for the price and power.

Eahora Emars M1P
Clint 415
Powerful Baby Harley- Beast!

Got my M1P in May 2022... so far so good... no issues. I have tested this little beast on the hill of San Francisco CA, it can take a 45 Degree... (very steep) at 10 mph... I really thought it would have not made it... but it did... I was surprised. I added a DVR... and a few more additional personalized improvements... definitely looks bad-****. Lot of compliments and head turning. Enjoy the pics and Video. I'm-out!!!

Eahora Emars M1P
Sheldon Allman
Love the Scooter Life

This scooter is everything it was supposed to be. Very comfortable and plenty of power. Well made and a head turner.


My wife I both own two different models. The 3000 watt and the 2000 watt.
Both bikes do well on sandy roads blacktop roads and concrete roads.
I have over 200 miles on both bikes. Had no issues other than regular maintenance with keeping the bolts tight. Mine the 3000 watt is pretty fast and keeps up with city traffic. Battery last a long time and does not slow the bike down as you use up the power cell, steady flow of power. Mine rides two people just fine. I am 200 pound my with is 125 pounds. Bike still cruises along at 38 to 41 mph. The 3000 watt with my body weight will cruises at 38mph without taxing all the power 🔋 41 to 45 with open throttle. Climbs small hills with no effort.
Great bike for small trips to the store or to work. But I like cruising the local state parks. Fits I in a bike lane even with the luggage compartments I added.


Just received this on my birthday! HBD to me! I was nervous with watching delivery via cam due to the box was starting to come undone. Once I opened it and inspected everything, it all looked great!. Assembly was so easy!-but it helps to have a second person to lift front end up and support while you put the front wheel on. Plug in battery before you try to start it-I thought it was dead til I remembered the videos. Man this thing KICKS off!!! Practice has to be made on the throttle if you're a first-time user. While there have been comments on the possible difficulties of registering in their home States, time will tell if I will encounter the same. I researched this to death, watched the videos a hundred times-read the comments...I'm happy on this purchase! *NOTE* DO use the kickstand-cut off EVERYTIME (if you are a novice) because its so natural to keep your hand on the throttle while sitting, chatting, etc and the slightest pressure on the throttle will propell you forward and knock you off unexpectedly. Ride on!

Hi, happy birthday! Hope you enjoy your ride and wish you good health! Really appreciate your choice and trust in Eahora. If you have any questions, please remember to contact Eahora for a better shopping experience!

Eahora Etwister M2
marina sereda
eahora m2

It's a great scooter over all, has no problems, came in great condition. I am happy with it. thank you so much.

Thank you so much for sharing and hope you enjoy your ride! If you have any questions, please remember to contact Eahora for a better shopping experience!

Eahora Emars M1P
Brad Keller

Well built scooter. Easy to ride and so much FUN!!

Eahora Etwister M2
Sheldon Allman
Worth Every Penny

I got my M2 in and couldn't wait to get it together. The quality of the scooter is very good. The style is great as a lot of people have asked, "is that a Harley Scooter?". This thing has got plenty of power to get you around town. I weigh over 200 lbs. and it has no problem with take-off. It is so quiet and that is great for the rides on the back roads to enjoy nature. Love this scooter!!!

Thank you so much for sharing and hope you enjoy your ride! If you have any questions, please remember to contact Eahora for a better shopping experience!

Eahora Emars M1P
Jeremy H.
Great Customer Service

I have read reviews stating customer service was for this product was bad. I had a great experience. I was emailed a day after I placed my order to let me know my order was received. I was emailed again to let me know shipping was arranged. When I scheduled my delivery date, I was emailed again to confirm that I in fact setup the day of delivery. My state requires a Manufacturer Certificate of Origin to register the bike which customer service responded promptly to my request.

The bike itself is fantastic. Gets looks everywhere I take it, even from motorcycle riders. If I had to complain about something it would be the headlight is not adjustable. Other than that, I am extremely happy with the purchase.

Great scooter

I bought this online via Amazon. The shipping took longer than stated, but everything arrived partially assembled. I just had to connect the handle bars, the front tire, and plug in the battery. No real instructions.

It rides great! Fun to drive and fairly fast. I got upto 36 mph on a flat road. It has a 3 speed.

Loving It

Got it yesterday, easy to assemble, couple broken parts in transit, other than that, I love it! Im 6'3 210lbs and it tops out at 43mph. Perfect for florida weather! Has some real power and looks cool as heck when it goes by.

Loving It

Got it yesterday, easy to assemble, couple broken parts in transit, other than that, I love it! Im 6'3 210lbs and it tops out at 43mph. Perfect for florida weather! Has some real power and looks cool as heck when it goes by.

Eahora Emoto M8
Best features,of all 7 tested??

Bigger, stronger, faster; literally! This 2000 watt, 30 amp, puts this sled up to 42mph, qwicker, than my 2 ; 2000 watt, 20 amp, scooters! The big fat hydrologic brakes, stop it just as qwickly. The wider, tubeless tires, gives a real solid good feel on the street.The huge front forks, absorb any bumps. The headlight, is even better than advertised, as you can see, the low and high beam, are much better than the other 6 scooters. I definitely would recommend the added two tailit, on the upper rail, because as you can see, the single, low position, tailite, is not much, but everything else about this bike is much more. Worth every penny! ??Love it.

Honestly super fun

I love riding this around just got the 2 seater just in case am too new to riding to have anyone on the back yet. However the only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is my back fender panel was cracked where the turn signal light was glued on straight out of the shipping box

Saddle Bags

Great quality and they were delivered to Ireland within two weeks. Great service

patrick jennings
I love the MP1

I received the rear fender and tank. They fit perfectly and look great. I am still waiting on the front fender.

More colors for the 2 seater

Need more colors. 2 are not enough when they are the same skins. that's crazy.

A black one on the cargo ship now and will be in stock on Dec 30. Do you like this color?

Alfred Quinonez

Very happy good quality love them thanks