Unveiling the Art of Winterizing Electric Scooter Maintenance: A Luxury Guide to Keeping Your Scooter Safe Through The Winter

Unveiling the Art of Winterizing Electric Scooter Maintenance: A Luxury Guide to Keeping Your Scooter Safe Through The Winter

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As winter approaches, temperatures plummet and snowfall increases, effective winter maintenance becomes critical for scooter users. This article will provide you with a detailed set of winter electric scooter maintenance advice to help your scooter safely through the winter.

Ⅰ. Battery Maintenance

1. Suitable temperature

The best temperature range for battery storage: 68°F~77°F (20℃~25℃). In low temperature environment, the battery activity will be reduced, and the range will also be reduced. Try to avoid prolonged parking and charging in extreme cold weather, you can choose to charge in a place with relatively high indoor temperature, and avoid direct contact with the battery on the cold ground. When charging indoors, do not place it in the bedroom for charging or in a place with flammable materials to eliminate potential safety hazards.

2. Maintain power

Try not to let the battery completely drain before charging in winter, maintain the power between 20%-80% is appropriate, so as to prolong the life of the battery.

3. Regular activation

If the battery is not used for a long time, it should be fully charged and discharged at least once a month to prevent the battery from losing its activity due to prolonged standing.

II. Maintenance of bodywork and mechanical parts

1.Moisture-proofing and anti-freezing

After each ride, make sure the bodywork, especially the motor, brake system and other key parts, is dry to prevent damage to the parts caused by water freezing. If possible, use a special moisture-proof cloth or cover to cover them.

2. Lubrication and maintenance

Regularly check and lubricate the rotating joints, bearings and other parts to ensure their smooth operation even at low temperatures. Choose lubricants with good low-temperature performance for maintenance.

3. Tire pressure

Low temperatures will lower the tire pressure. Check and maintain the appropriate tire pressure regularly, as too low a pressure may increase the riding resistance, while too high a pressure may affect the driving stability and comfort.  The size of tire pressure according to the tire standard, the customer's actual weight and demand.

III. Inspection before and after riding

1. Comprehensive inspection

Before and after each ride, carefully check the overall condition of the vehicle, including lights, brake performance, steering flexibility and whether the instrument display is normal.

2. Ice and snow road surface treatment

In case of ice and snow weather, you can ride moderately under the premise of ensuring safety, while paying attention to clearing the ice and snow on the tires to improve the grip.

Winter electric scooter maintenance work should be battery protection, mechanical parts maintenance and driving safety. Only by careful care can we ensure that our electric scooter can still run safely and efficiently in the cold winter, accompanying us through every travelling day.

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