72V 40Ah Detachable Samsung Battery : multiple charging methods

M1PS provides 2 charging methods: scooter charging and external charging.

  1. Scooter Charging
    Please insert the charging plug into the body charging interface.
  2. External Charging
    Remove the M1P battery and insert the charging plug into the battery charging.The battery can be removed directly to take back to the dormitory or apartment to recharge, which provides portability.

4000W Upgraded Motor

The build-in high-performance 4000W brushless motor with three gear options provide a relaxed experience on fast climbs or rough surfaces.
Torque : 178N.m
Gradeability : 30°

  • Excellent Shock Absorption System Makes Every Ride A Pleasure!

    This suspension system uses advanced technology and materials to effectively absorb vibrations and shocks from the road surface. Whether riding on rugged mountain roads or through the city, it ensures a fun ride and provides the ultimate in comfort.

Unique Harley-Style Scooter

The unique design of this scooter is so refreshing that most people are mistaken for a regular motorcycle at first sight. However, it is actually a motorcycle body type that blends Harley style with a racy vibe and is fully code compliant. It's this unique design that makes it the center of attention on the road.

Carefully Polished Design And Manufacture

The details of the scooter are carefully polished, such as the mechanical grain of the screws and other important small parts, ensuring excellent quality and durability for long-term use. It is a masterpiece from both an aesthetic and practical point of view.

Low Center Of Gravity Design For A Robust Driving Experience

It has a low center of gravity position, and this design makes the vehicle highly stable during driving and better able to cope with various complicated road conditions. Whether it's a flat highway or a winding road, you'll be able to feel the comfort that comes from its smoothness and stability.

Worry About Not Being Able To Legally Ride On The Street?

Over 20 states have successfully registered scooters for street legal riding
All models can be tracked down on DOT official site byquerying unique frame code.
Every scooter comes with Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin.
Provide MCO to DMV when you register.

Saddle Is Spacious And Offers Extreme Comfort

The saddle picture alone doesn't allow you to appreciate how big this is, take a look at the picture next to it, it's a comparison between an adult male's hand and the saddle

Dual Footrest Position : gives customers the right to personalize their choices

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