Tips for Electric Motorcycle Riding in Summer

Get Your Motorcycle Summer-Ready with these Tips from Eahora Scooter.

As a motorcyclists rider, you know how scorching hot summers can get. And while it may be tempting to cruise around on your motorcycle, the heat can make it challenging. But don't worry, we've got you covered! Follow these simple tips to stay cool and safe while riding in triple-digit temperatures.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key during hot weather riding. Make sure to carry a water bottle or invest in a Camelback, a hands-free backpack that holds a water bladder. The more water you drink, the better your body will be at sweating and keeping you cool.

Wear Breathable Gear

Wearing protective gear is crucial for your safety, but it can also make you feel hotter. Choose gear that is breathable and allows sweat to evaporate, keeping your body cool. And if you're really feeling the heat, try a specially designed cooling top.
Investing in a separate set of protective gear for the summer is essential if possible. Not only is it typically lighter and more affordable than winter gear, but it's also crucial to ensure it has vents that can be adjusted for optimal air flow. When selecting your gear, consider fabrics like air mesh Kevlar as they are more breathable than leather and can be designed specifically for hot weather conditions.

Protect Your Eye

Consider Plastic-Framed Sunglasses When Riding
Without a tinted visor on your helmet, sunshine and glare can seriously compromise your ability to see while riding your motorcycle. To avoid this, wearing sunglasses with your helmet is a smart practice. However, opt for those with plastic frames rather than metal ones. They offer greater protection against face injuries should you experience a collision. Protect your eyes, protect your face, and ride safer with this simple yet crucial precaution.

Watch for Slippery Tar

Asphalt cracks are often filled with tar - or "tar snakes" - which can be slippery in the heat. To avoid losing control on these patches, keep your bike straight when crossing them and approach them at a 90-degree angle.

Remember, staying cool and hydrated is key to enjoying summer motorcycle rides. Take these pro tips to heart and hit the road in style and comfort.

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