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Experience the thrill of easy, secure and affordable personal transportation with Eahora's M2 electric scooter. With 3000W of power giving you total control while its ingenious alarm system provides an extra layer of protection, this eco-friendly model is a perfect choice for your daily commutes - at just $0.24 per 100 miles!


Delivered with 85% assembled:
Scooter & battery;
Original charger & adapator;
Front tire & handlebar;
Front fenders;
Product manual;
Screws and tools for assembly.

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All Eahora scooter comes with VIN, MCO, and Bill of sale

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  • Electronic System


    There is a stylish and powerful electric motorcycle with 3000W motor, perfect for commuting or getting around the town without breaking a sweat.

    Torque: 140N.m

    Gradeability: 30°

  • Electronic System


    The removable lithium battery (60V/40AH) provides a maximum range of around 55 miles with first gear. When the battery drops below 47V, it will automatically switch-off.

    Range: 50 - 55 Miles

  • Electronic System


    The build-in high-performance controller transfers the lighting, motor and other parts nimbly, providing great comfort for you.

  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Controller

Size and Geometry

Recommended Rider Height: 5'1" - 6'6" or 155CM - 200CM

Ⓐ - Total Length: 82.67'' or 210CM

Ⓑ - Handlebar Height: 53.15'' or 135CM

Ⓒ - Seat Height: 29.13'' or 74CM

Ⓓ - Ground Clearance: 7.48'' or 19CM

Ⓔ - Wheelbase: 61.02'' or 155CM

Ⓕ - Scooter Width: 35.82'' or 91CM

Ⓖ - Rake: 30°

Technical Specifications

To ensure uninterrupted suppluying and shipping, some parts may differ from those listed. Rest assured, our engineers rigorously test each component to guarantee quality and compatibility.

Charging Time

4 ~ 6 hours

Range per Charge

50 - 55 miles 

Scooter Weight

198.4 lbs in total with the battery.

Payload Capacity

Recommend rider weight within 440 lbs.



3000W brushless DC geared motor(Brand: YM Motor) with 140 NM max torque


60V 40AH lithium battery(2.4 KWH )


67.2V ~ 5A smart charger (Charging time: 4-6 Hours)


6.7IN LCD display(showing MPH) with speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, throttle gear and more


60V / 80A integrated controller(Brand: CF Controller)


Front: high low beam with turn signal light
Rear: integrated taillight with brake light, turn signal light and license plate light


Electric cut-off kickstand


Regular Wiring Harness



Weldless steel tube


Hydraulic disc brakes with DOT 3 braking fluid (Brake rotor size: F 180 MM / R 180 MM)

Hub Wheel

Aluminum 12IN Rims(Width: F 6.10IN / R 8.07IN )


With an average lifespan of 6200 miles, straight grain vacuum tubeless tires(F: 165/45-12 ; R: 215/40-12 )


Hydraulic shock suspension(Length: 16.34IN )

Rear Suspension

Hydraulic adjustable double suspension


Ape hanger handlebars


Comfort rubber ergo grips


Integrated footrest


Straight grain synthetic leather double seat(Size: 21.3*12.2IN )

  • How to register scooter?

    • Over 20 states have successfully registered scooters for street legal riding.
    • All models can be tracked down on DOT official site by querying unique frame code.
    • Every scooter comes with Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin. Provide MCO to DMV when you register.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Good bike

Good bike for commuters. I have the hard saddle bags on it, you just have to be careful not to lean too much. I’m in the process of raising the bags up an inch or two, that will help when I lean the scooter.
It’s a great bike well worth the money!!

M2 eTwister 3000w

My M2 arrived last year without the certiicate of origin and the rear fender was cracked in its trip halfway around the world.
Eahora fixed these issues by shipping the following to me AT NO COST:
Certificate of origin
Brown leather seat
Replacement black rear fender
A set of custom requested white fenders
Now, recently my battery fuse came lose and I asked if I could buy a spare fuse just in case this one blew.
They sent me 2 right away for free.
The eTwister is super fun, sturdy, and quick at a max speed of 46mph.
Eahora 's customer service is excellent.

I wish they started selling the Doohan iTank! Who knows what the future holds? When they get in a 6000w or 7000w reverse trike. I will buy from them again.


My wife I both own two different models. The 3000 watt and the 2000 watt.
Both bikes do well on sandy roads blacktop roads and concrete roads.
I have over 200 miles on both bikes. Had no issues other than regular maintenance with keeping the bolts tight. Mine the 3000 watt is pretty fast and keeps up with city traffic. Battery last a long time and does not slow the bike down as you use up the power cell, steady flow of power. Mine rides two people just fine. I am 200 pound my with is 125 pounds. Bike still cruises along at 38 to 41 mph. The 3000 watt with my body weight will cruises at 38mph without taxing all the power 🔋 41 to 45 with open throttle. Climbs small hills with no effort.
Great bike for small trips to the store or to work. But I like cruising the local state parks. Fits I in a bike lane even with the luggage compartments I added.

marina sereda
eahora m2

It's a great scooter over all, has no problems, came in great condition. I am happy with it. thank you so much.

Thank you so much for sharing and hope you enjoy your ride! If you have any questions, please remember to contact Eahora for a better shopping experience!

Sheldon Allman
Worth Every Penny

I got my M2 in and couldn't wait to get it together. The quality of the scooter is very good. The style is great as a lot of people have asked, "is that a Harley Scooter?". This thing has got plenty of power to get you around town. I weigh over 200 lbs. and it has no problem with take-off. It is so quiet and that is great for the rides on the back roads to enjoy nature. Love this scooter!!!

Thank you so much for sharing and hope you enjoy your ride! If you have any questions, please remember to contact Eahora for a better shopping experience!